Sanskrit Shloka’s


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Karaagre Vasathe Lakshmi Karamadhye Saraswati,

Kara Mulay Tu Govindah Prabhaate Kara Darshanam.

When you wake up keep your two palms side by side together and say this prayer and look at the specific part of the adjoined palms

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What it means:

At the top edge of our palms is where the goddess of wealth Lakshmi stays.At the middle is the goddess of knowledge Saraswati resides.At the bottom of the palms is where Govinda ,the Universal God of righteousness is present.Let us start the day with a full view of our own hands.It can be interpreted that we have everything Gods can give us in our own hands.

Bhumi Vandana Shloka

Samudra-Vasane Devi Parvata-Stana-Mannddale

Vishnu-Patni Namas-Tubhyam Paada-Sparsham Kshamasva-Me

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What it Means:

It says, mother earth, you are with the rivers and mountains on you. Salutations to the wife of Vishnu deva. Forgive me for keeping my feet on you. The mother earth is the wife of the protector Vishnu. Earth is the mother who feeds all of us.

This shloka is a salutation and begging for forgiveness for stepping on mother earth.